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“Culture is like a unifying language, you either help create the language or learn to speak it. Either way, you are contributing to it.”


- Bonnie Mac Donald



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Bonnie Mac Donald, President

Restaurants, distillers, retailers, pizza, shoes, soap, single-malt whiskey, Canada, US, Store Manager, General Manager, President…. what do they all have in common? A successful career with an unwavering commitment to leading teams, organizations and brands to integrate customer centric thinking into their cultures. This integrated method has proven to achieve favourable and sustained overall business results.



 Our Process

1. Client consultation- confirm mandate and scope.

2. Customer experience research- current state review and gap analysis conducted regarding desired behaviours and actual results.

3. Analysis of outcomes-  insights, highlights and areas of opportunity.

4. Recommendations- actionable solutions toward desired future state.

5. Momentum monitor- scorecard to measure success.